About Jann

After some pondering I decided to start a blog which will take you along my journey from non-runner to someone who can actually do it.

I never wanted to run a marathon

I’d never run anywhere (apart from chasing the occasional bus as a teenager), I’d been to the gym and done some classes but never really thought about running.  Not until I hit the grand old age of 48 was I inspired to propel myself into more than a brisk walk.

It all started on 1st June 2013. Each morning I would walk to the field with my horse to put him out to graze for the day, then I would walk back to the stable to do the chores.  But that was about to change. Instead of walking back from the field I decided to run.  My first attempt was a few yards before I was gasping, but as the days elapsed, so my distance increased.  Bearing in mind I was not wearing technical fabric on my body nor the latest in shoe tech – instead I was sporting your typical early morning DIY stable girl attire and a pair of sturdy mucking-out boots.

Over the next few months I haphazardly trained.  No goals other than to be able to run somewhere and to get a bit fitter.  Riding horses and all the associated work is physical but it is more strength and core than stamina (at least at my level of engagement in the sport).

The stables are situated close to some beautiful open fields and interesting woodlands so my runs were varied in terrain, length and duration.

At first I would ‘ralk’ (run/walk combo) and then ‘rulk’ (slightly more run than walk) and eventually just trotted along at a steady pace enjoying my surroundings and the fact I was getting somewhere with my new found pastime.

I had no goal or ambition.  I was in awe of a fellow livery who was training for a marathon.  She came back from an 18 mile run one day and I was amazed she was still alive.  Who runs these distances? not me for sure.  I had no compulsion or desire to run a marathon.

At least that’s what I said then.

This blog is about my journey in running and eventually achieving something I never thought possible.  Then what happened afterwards.

I hope you enjoy the narrative and feel free to leave me any feedback.


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