28 June 2014 – Welwyn Festival 10k. My first proper race!

Having heard about this ‘fun run’ I decided to throw my hat into the ring and enter.  I once lived in Welwyn Village and at that time kept my horse at a nearby livery yard, so knew the terrain.  I was delighted when the event organisers published the route map.  And then it hit me – there would be hills!!

I made sure I included some hills into my training plan.  Training plan?

I did not have an official Training plan, I just pushed myself a bit further when I ran to get the distance.

Scared myself to death one day when my lovely other half had suggested we ride the route on the mountain bikes.  The hills were not new to me, I had taken my horse around these tracks and trails many a time.  I now understand why my horse got so hot and sweaty. Stark realisation that I would probably drop dead myself, but undeterred and encouraged by Mike I got more and more excited as the day drew closer.

I was very nervous, my first race, I ran along and really enjoyed myself.  Knowing the route was a bonus and I came in with a respectable time of 53.26 and got a nice tshirt.

Gun time: 53.45. Chip Time: 53.26. Overall 144/322. Female 27/132. Class Vet 9/36

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