14 December 2014 – Welwyn Festive 5mile

‘Twas a cold day in December that saw a group of people gather on a patch of grass opposite the Police Station.  Some were in layers like onions while others were brave (or just plain crazy) in running shorts and a vest.  Never could I imagine waiting around in the cold in so little clothes.

We set off up a gentle incline and ran a double loop around the streets at the Stanborough end of Welwyn Garden City.  The finish was uphill, cruel thing to do to us and it made my lungs and legs burn.  At the end of this run I understood why the crazies were in shorts and a vest.  I was steaming hot and quite sweaty.  Mike was cold as the poor lad had been out there with all the other supporters cheering a bunch of strangers and grabbing fleeting moments to catch a photo.

My prize was a massive Chocolate Penny, and although I said at the time I’d never eat it…..

Gun time 38.29. Overall 56/142. Female 10/60. Class FV45 2/16.