18 January 2015 – Fred Hughes 10mile

Another recommendation for me to run this race.  Why? Well I had had a notion to run a  half marathon in 2015 and thought it would be fun to do a 10 mile race.

Once again, Mike and I had been out in the car to do a recce of the route.  There had been A Lot Of Rain in the preceding weeks and as a result parts of the course was flooded. Hmmmm – so what does one wear? will there be bridges? NO – the route was changed.  Phiew!

We gathered on a patch of grass, this time near Waitrose in St Albans. Another cold day too. HQ was at a local school so Mike had somewhere to retreat.  Parking was really good there too.

The race was really lovely, thoroughly enjoyed running in a totally new place over a new-to-me distance.  Pacing was interesting and soon I found a lady who was at a similar speed to me and we ran together.  Due to the re-routing, part of the course was a double loop – and as we were on loop one the man in first place lapped us.  We were going uphill and he flew past us.  I was in awe!

The finish line was uphill, I honestly to this day do not know how I managed a sprint finish but the lady I ran with convinced me to stay with her stride for stride.  My lungs were on fire and my legs were like jelly but I did it.  Got a nice tshirt and a goodie bag with fluffy socks and a water bottle.

Chip time: 1.26.49. Overall 447/732. Female 127/300. Category FV45 32/91.


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