28 June 2015 – Welwyn Festival 10k (running anniversary!)

The anniversary of my first ever race.  It had to be done!  Was looking forward to the route and then realised they had changed it.  Ran from Singlers Marsh and UP throught the village and UP Whitehill – now that was a killer.  I walked up Whitehill, there was no way I could have lived to tell the tale had I done anything else.  OK many people ran past me, but by return I trotted back past them when I got to the top.  The route was lovely and well marshalled.

On the route back home was another hill, from Kimpton Bottom UP towards Linces.  Again that was walked until I spotted a photographer at the top so I braved it and ran.

As we entered the marsh, I saw the finish banner – what I had not bargained for was the run around the marsh to the finish line – almost killed me but I sustained the pace and came across the line feeling fab.

Got a nice tshirt

Gun time 52.18. Chip time 52.04. Overall 153/472. Female 25/211. Category FV45 11/51


14 June 2015 – Willows Muddy Runner 10k

Another event with the ladies from the livery yard.  This one in aid of charity Willows Foundation.  Never done an obstacle course before and had no real idea what to expect.

Wet and mucky are 2 good words to describe the event.  Not really about speed as there was quite a bit of waiting around for other folks to unstick themselves from the mud, but it was huge amounts of fun.  I think the best obstacle was the water slide, literally a long piece of plastic with soapy water running down it – onto which we all threw ourselves head first and screamed like mad women as we spilled onto the grass. The worst one was the steel container (as you see on ships) that we had to clamber up onto (aided by a marshal) and swing off the other side.  I really hurt my ribs on that but didn’t spoil the fun.

We washed ourselves by rolling around in the long wet grass before changing into clean dry (old) clothes and drove home a bit smelly but very happy.