18 October 2015 – Thoresby 10k

I had wanted to do the ‘sister’ race (The Longhorn) earlier in the year but missed out.  It was the draw of the bling that got me to enter this one.  It is beautiful.

We went up to my dads the previous evening and stayed over in Rotherham.  The plan was dinner for 3 then he would come to watch – but he was not well so stayed at home for the event.  Mikes parents came over to support and it was nice for Mike to have someone with him.

The route took us into Thoresby park and along trails that are not normally open to the public.  Didn’t see any cows but did see a load of sheep running around laughing at us.  The woodlands smelled of autumn and it was a lovely sight as we ran to the finish line and all the trees were beginning to turn.

Which matched the medal.

And because the lady who came first was in the same age category, I got a trophy 🙂

Gun time: 48.01. Chip time:47.53. Overall 22/158. Female 3/111. Category 2/11


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