6 March 2016 – The Longhorn 10k

YAY!!! This year I did it.

As for Thoresby 10k, we went up the night before and spent some time with Dad and his lady friend, went to the Double Barrel for a steak as big as your face and stayed in the same hotel.

We drove down in tandem – dad followed us as we were heading straight home and he was going to lunch somewhere else.  Mikes parents also came so we had a proper family gathering.

The Longhorn is Thoresby 10 backwards (or is it the other way around?).  Either way it was great, it felt very different and I think I prefer it the Thoresby way.  I saw Caroline (who beat me last time) who was marshalling – was fab to run by and hear her cheering on.

Approaching the finish line with the family there was brilliant.

Collected my medal AND a trophy for coming first in category 🙂

Gun time 51.50. Chip Time 51.38. Overall 39/308. Female 9/209. Category F50 1/17.


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