12 March 2016 -National Trust Night Run

After last years brilliant event I did it again.  Ran 7k alone this time and still enjoyed myself.

The atmosphere was just as energised as last year, and as dusk fell the day-glo clad torch wielding mass of runners set out along the same route as last year.  This year it was much wetter as we had had loads of rain.  Ooozy puddles had to be avoided and the hearing sense switched on to pick up the change in foot-fall noise as well as the squelshy feeling underfoot.

The cows were in the same field as us and they huddled in the middle mooing as we went by.  There were sheep in another and they too formed a woolly baaing mass as we galloped on through.

As we got to the top of the hill, I remembered to look back, and was not disappointed.  Again the long snake of light wove its way across the fields.  Spectacular.

Got to the finish line with a decent sprint and collected my glow in the dark medal and goodie bag.

Gun time 36.25. Overall 51/303. FEmale 8/190. Category V50 2/23.


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