20 March 2016 -Welwyn Half Marathon

Is history going to repeat itself?  No. Not planning to do many HMs this year. But had to do this one as a gauge for my pace for another race this year.  And it is the second time this event has been held and I wanted to take part.

Same route but this time I thought I would be running alone.  Met up with and chatted to a variety of folks along the way, including an ex colleague, Annie, who I ran for about 8 miles with.

As we got to within 2 miles of the finish there was a chap not looking too happy, he had lost his running vibe and was walking.  It was my turn to repay the favours that others had bestowed upon me so I took him by the hand and we ran together.  I gave back the support and encouragement to get this man up Chequers and along the path to Gosling.  He then said he was OK and I ran off to finish.  I was announced across the line as having knocked 6 minutes off my time from last year.

Met up with the chap when he was getting his tshirt and he gave me a huge hug, I was so happy he had finished in, as he said, a far better time than he imagined.

Got my medal, tshirt and another water bottle 🙂

Gun time: 1.51.18. Chip time 1.50.45. Overall 191/462. Female 47/194. Category W50 2/17.


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