24 April 2016 – The London Marathon

Remind me – didn’t I say I would never run a marathon?  Well here we are.

So the story goes – I entered the ballot because I wanted the nice winter training tshirt. Normal people wait for years to get a ballot place so I was utterly gosmacked and in a state of shock when the magazine with a woman dressed as a bee on the front landed on my doorstep.

Shiiiiiiit! so what was I supposed to do? I really had no compunction to run a marathon BUT I had a challenge presented to me.  Not to be overdone by this I decided to have a go – what did I have to lose?

My ‘training’ was sporadic, I knew I needed to build up the mileage but all of a sudden I detested the thought of going for a run! I pressed on, knowing that if I did not train I would fail.  I took most of February off and went to India for a holiday.

When I got back from India I could not find my mojo, but eventually I gave myself a talking to and set out on my quest to find some mileage.  I crammed the last few long runs into the 4 weeks prior to the event.  Only after I’d done 20 miles a fortnight before did I feel capable.

The event was brilliant.  26.2 miles flew by, encouraged by fellow competitors and the crowds! the atmosphere was amazing, I kept a lookout for Mike but didn’t see him which was disappointing, but knowing he was there made a huge difference.  I don’t want to run another one, doing this one, The Big One was simply brilliant (although I have entered the ballot again and am hoping for the tshirt….)

I GOT THE MEDAL and the finishers tshirt 🙂

Finish time 4.20.35. Overall 19483/39001, Female 5145/15059. Category 436/1275


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