Welwyn Festival 10k 26 June 2016

My 3rd time doing this event, meaning I have started my 3rd year of ‘competing’ (aka turning up to run with a load of other runners) in races.

This year proved itself to be another good one.  Having done a few races over the last 2 years I now recognise faces as well as make new friends.  Many of whom were at this event so it was a fab opportunity to have a good old natter and catch-up.  And me being me, got to know a few more.

The route this year took in most of the 2015 route but no off-road.  Which was probably good as we’ve had a fair bit of rain recently so the ground would have been soft/soggy.  I started out in the pen with the ladies from Fittbirds and remained pretty much step for step with one of them (Mary) for the duration of the race.  Got another nice Tshirt and enjoyed my banana.

Gun time 50.32, Chip time 50.16, Overall 136/512, Female 18/199, Category FV45 7/58.

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