August 2016

Finding time to run in August was a bit of a challenge.  Doing the shifts to get my clinical hours completed for a course I’ve been doing really took its toll on my energy.  Add to that we were on holiday for almost two weeks, and in spite of taking our fitness gear with us and all the good intentions, not one running step was taken.  Did swim though – something quite rare for me.

On returning to the UK I pledged to run off the gin-and-food calorie excesses and almost lost the plot with myself (as in got angry with) because my running fitness had all but disappeared.  It was a massive effort to run 5k, I could not do it without walking.  Bah!!  Back to the drawing board to steadily re-gain the legs and lungs that I somehow lost over the last couple of months.

Another thing I noticed, since not going to regular PT sessions my general/overall fitness had gone.  My capacity to run with my arms had vanished.  I was getting really out of breath up the tiniest of hills.

I have a plan in place – I am going to gently begin again, get my legs and lungs working and then start do do some gym work.  I don’t particularly like gyms, I have some fitness equipment at home so can at least start to get back into shape before taking my spindly self to the public arena.  I will plan to run with people so there is no excuse not to go out.

I have also now got some new shoes, half a size bigger to prevent me getting blackened/sore toe ends.  Let’s wear them out!


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