02 October 2016 – Standalone 10k

My 3rd time doing this event, and I had actually tried to give my place away so I could go out on the mountain bike instead – mainly due to my belief that I had not done enough training.  Missed the deadline for entry transfer so had a choice to make. 

Undeterred and spurred on by my friend Marie taking part I rocked up with a view of completing the distance in around 50-55 mins.

Marie, who has ‘not done much recently’ was also looking for a similar time so we agreed to run together.  Which we did.  And talked all the way around the course.  The route was the same as the two previous years that I’ve doe it so was able to coach us up the hills at a steady pace to conserve energy.

We crossed the finish line in 49.00 – far better than either of us had hoped for.  One other runner remarked to us that all she could hear during her run was us two chatting and wondered what time we would have got had we been quiet.  Food for thought.

Got another nice Tshirt and enjoyed my banana.  Treated myself to a leg massage and if pain is an indicator of how much one was needed, then Very Much was the answer.  Legs felt brand new again afterwards.

Gun time 49.25, Chip time 49.00, Overall 401/1340, Female 65/596, Category FV45-54 17/140.


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