Fell at the first hurdle – literally

All the good intentions to run Brighton were kind-of scuppered by the 30 October.  Went out with friends for a bike ride, I only have a mountain bike but it works equally well on the roads and that is what we did.  Not far or fast but a really enjoyable ride out on a foggy Autumnal morning.

Heading for a well earned brunch and disaster struck.  As I was jumping my bike up the kerb, my pedal caught the paving stone and I was spat unceremoniously onto the floor. Landed heavily on my left elbow and at the same time banged my ribs.  Thankfully I had a helmet on so any nasty head injury was avoided.  After what seemed like forever (maybe half an hour) sitting on the cold floor trying to get my breath back (I’d winded myself quite badly) and refusing an ambulance I got up.  My arm felt a bit peculiar.  Insisting we went home before even contemplating A&E, one of my fellow cyclists called his wife to ferry me, OH and our 2 bikes home.

Took my expensive-with-holes-in clobber off and revealed a grazed knee and a slightly deformed elbow.  Hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to A&E we go.

I was seen fairly quickly and there was no doubt that I’d done something unpleasant to myself – this was soon confirmed by an x-ray.  Even a non-medic can identify the fractured bit.  Sent home with a sling and ‘await a call for surgery’.


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