Let fixing begin

Wednesday 2 November saw me on the road to recovery.  Got a call from the Day Surgery Manager to say they were on Red and had cancelled all their surgery requiring overnight admission, very unfortunate for some people but I was overjoyed as this meant I could finally get my elbow fixed as a day-case.

My daughter took me to the hospital and stayed as long as she could, in fact until I was walked off to the theatre.  Being a nurse/midwife, these places are familiar so undeterred I had a really nice chat to the anaesthetist as he was putting the nerve block in.  That was surreal to feel my arm ‘disappearing’ from all sensory and motor control of my brain – almost like having someone else’s arm.  I asked if they’d do the surgery without a GA, no, sorry.  But I did get another request fulfilled – “please can you infuse the Diprivan slowly” -why? asked the anaesthetist, does it hurt your veins? (which is a good question because I can actually feel stuff raging around in my veins) but today that was not the reason.  “No, I’d like it slow because you get such a good feeling when going under”  and by the time I had counted to 8 I was out.

I woke feeling pretty groggy with someone else’s arm in a sling next to me.  Oh, no, its mine.


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