Rehab – November 2016

Breaking ones arm throws the whole body out of kilter.  Took 24 hours for the nerve block to wear off and when it did I felt like someone was smacking my elbow with a metal pole.  It feckin’ hurt.  Managed to just about keep on top of the pain with well timed OTC meds on a schedule suggested by one of my friends, who happens to be an A&E consultant.

As the days went by my legs told me they were bored, I was like a caged tiger.  Struggling to do most things I praised myself for being able to tie shoe laces which spelled freedom.  Off I went.  I spent many an hour walking my normal run routes.  Took twice as long to achieve the same distance but it was lovely to be outside again.

Running was off the menu as I felt like ‘old lady on ice’, it was slippery underfoot due to fallen leaves and rain.  At the age of 51 I have not yet slipped over on wet leaves, but the mind seems to put you into a position of being vulnerable and self preservation.  I needed more than walking.

I found a gym, had walked up to view a couple which had swimming pools.  Bit the bullet and joined David Lloyd in Stevenage.  Not the cheapest or the closest but the atmosphere felt good.

Add gym equipment and swim to the fit-list.

I’d had 2 events scheduled for November, Stevenage HM and Hatfield 5.  Thankfully I was able to transfer both places to friends of mine.  I went along to cheer – nice to be ‘on that side’ for once and give a bit back.


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