Rehab December 2016

This month includes walking, gym, swimming and PHYSIO (in bold because it hurt) and a little run.

I’d been to see the Orthopaedic team at Fracture clinic in November and they said I could swim ‘gently’.  I’m not a great swimmer so that was fine.  Gentle is good. The prescription for my arm is to ‘move it using the opposite hand and don’t do anything too strenuous’.

Doing something physical on average 4 times a week was keeping me mentally and physically stimulated in terms of fitness.  I had also regained my ability to type so could, once again, do some of my Uni work. Speaking of work, thankfully I had not started my new job so under no pressure to get back to work.  Time to heal is important.

Walking, although nice, was also time consuming to get the mileage into my legs.  Discovered a ‘curve’ treadmill at the Gym which is great for keeping the endurance.  Plus a few weight machines and some core strengthening exercises to keep me ticking over.  By now my left arm is like a twiglet, all stringy and lacking in muscle.  The right arm has made up for the weakness.

Investing in Chiropractic and massage sessions paid dividends.

Physio on the other hand was 10 shades of hell.  Yes it is necessary but my mollycoddled arm was now subject to being moved.  And it protested.  I’d been trying to improve the range of movement (ROM) but muscle spasms were prohibiting these attempts.  Acupuncture and resistance are the way forward.

Swimming has improved too, now up to 750m 🙂

And to end the year OH took me out on a 5k trot.  Not fast or anything but so bloody good to be back in my running gear.


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