Rehab January 2017

Happy New Year.

01/01/17 off we go, it is Sunday and therefore RUNDAY.  5k all by myself and the legs and lungs still engaged.  Elbow was fine (when I first tried to run in November the pounding of my footfall was resonating into the bone – not pleasant, stop), the only thing I had to do was ‘shake the arms down’ more often than usual otherwise elbow was ceasing into 90 degree angle.h

Visits to the gym 3-4 times a week focus now on swimming.  The upstairs equipment, as expected, is boring.  I think I managed about 6 equipment visits before brain-rot set in.  However I really should look into classes now arm is getting a bit better.

08/01/17 lets run again, this time 10k.  Yup – still got it.

Swimming, by contrast, is interesting.  I am amazed at how I have improved my distance over a relatively short time.  Going up in increments of 10 laps (250m) every week or so I’m now at 1000m comfortably.  Using goggles and remembering techniques my friend Jacqueline told me about has improved my breast-stroke ability

19/01/17 ‘how many lenghts in a mile’ I asked the lifeguard as I was on  #58.  The pool was quiet and I was enjoying myself. “You need to do 64 and a tiny bit more” (1 mile being 1603m).  Nailed it in 46 minutes.  I don’t think I’ve ever swam a mile before.  Oddly I could have gone further.

The end of January arrived and reflecting on my achievements I must say I am pleased with myself.  Running has featured quite nicely over the latter half of the month and I’m not feeling too wibbly about the 10k in February.  What I do know is, right now, I am not ready for the Brighton Marathon on 9 April.  I can defer my place to next year and will make that decision after the Welwyn Half in March.  Slightly disappointing but at the same time I can have other challenges to work towards.


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