Rehab – February 2017

This month I’m aiming to complete the 10k in less than an hour, push myself to be Half Marathon fit and also up the swimming to 2000m.

Should this still be rehab?  I guess so as I’m not fully functional in the arm department.  Physio was very pleased with my angles of extension and flexion so I rewarded myself with another mile swim. And ran in the evening with my daughter, that was lovely as we spent some time together along with 2 of her housemates.  Running at dusk around Fairlands park was great! the ducks were roosting along the water edge and as it got darker our senses switched on.

I didn’t take part in the Welwyn 10k.  The ground was frozen over, normally not a problem but I went into self-preservation mode and decided that running in this 10k and potentially slipping/falling was not worth the bling – I can run any day I choose in conditions that are more favourable.  Regret? not at all.  And that is a new thing, once upon a time I would have been quite cheesed off with myself.  Now able to let these things pass me by.

February saw me entering into the world of Yoga.  Why not! the classes are included in my Gym membership and what better way to use my body and strengthen/supple it up.  My arm was a bit hesitant and painful to support me in Downward Dog, but knowing the bone is mended allowed me to bear the pain and use Yoga as part of the rehab.

February totals:

Running : 102km

Swimming : 11.5km


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