March 2017

Reflecting back on March has given me an overview of what the human body is capable of.

I had planned to run the Welwyn Half Marathon but woke up on the day to discover cold and windy conditions.  Cold I’m OK with but I really do not like running in the wind, so took an executive decision to stay in bed.  After hearing from a couple of friends who did embrace the elements, I am comfortable with my decision.

What I did achieve – rather a lot of improvement in my running, I also went out for a little ride on the Mountainbike (and motorbike too).  Swimming is something I really didn’t used to like doing but am really pleased with my distances.

Yoga continues to feature every Tuesday lunchtime and this is helping immensely.  Also chucked in a couple of BodyCombat classes and enjoyed the intensity – just need to work on the triceps strengthening.

March totals:

Swimming : 12km

Running : 111km

Cycling : 6km



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