April 2017

Should have been doing the Brighton Marathon this month, however lack of proper training put paid to that and I made a sensible decision to defer.  Will I take the 2018 place? who knows…

April brought about a change in fitness – the Gym closed it’s pool for refurbishment so my swimming activity has diminished greatly.  There was an option to use the DL pool at their Hatfield site but honestly it was not a nice environment at all.

Running has featured nicely throughout the month.  I swam and ran when I went to Dads for a visit and that was lovely to be out and about Up North again.

Yoga remains on the calendar and am going whenever I can on a Tuesday.  Tina is an amazing teacher so want to stay at her classes rather than go to the other ones on offer.  This strategy may change once I start working.

April totals:

Running :

Swimming :