April 2017

Should have been doing the Brighton Marathon this month, however lack of proper training put paid to that and I made a sensible decision to defer.  Will I take the 2018 place? who knows…

April brought about a change in fitness – the Gym closed it’s pool for refurbishment so my swimming activity has diminished greatly.  There was an option to use the DL pool at their Hatfield site but honestly it was not a nice environment at all.

Running has featured nicely throughout the month.  I swam and ran when I went to Dads for a visit and that was lovely to be out and about Up North again.

Yoga remains on the calendar and am going whenever I can on a Tuesday.  Tina is an amazing teacher so want to stay at her classes rather than go to the other ones on offer.  This strategy may change once I start working.

April totals:

Running :

Swimming :


March 2017

Reflecting back on March has given me an overview of what the human body is capable of.

I had planned to run the Welwyn Half Marathon but woke up on the day to discover cold and windy conditions.  Cold I’m OK with but I really do not like running in the wind, so took an executive decision to stay in bed.  After hearing from a couple of friends who did embrace the elements, I am comfortable with my decision.

What I did achieve – rather a lot of improvement in my running, I also went out for a little ride on the Mountainbike (and motorbike too).  Swimming is something I really didn’t used to like doing but am really pleased with my distances.

Yoga continues to feature every Tuesday lunchtime and this is helping immensely.  Also chucked in a couple of BodyCombat classes and enjoyed the intensity – just need to work on the triceps strengthening.

March totals:

Swimming : 12km

Running : 111km

Cycling : 6km


Rehab – February 2017

This month I’m aiming to complete the 10k in less than an hour, push myself to be Half Marathon fit and also up the swimming to 2000m.

Should this still be rehab?  I guess so as I’m not fully functional in the arm department.  Physio was very pleased with my angles of extension and flexion so I rewarded myself with another mile swim. And ran in the evening with my daughter, that was lovely as we spent some time together along with 2 of her housemates.  Running at dusk around Fairlands park was great! the ducks were roosting along the water edge and as it got darker our senses switched on.

I didn’t take part in the Welwyn 10k.  The ground was frozen over, normally not a problem but I went into self-preservation mode and decided that running in this 10k and potentially slipping/falling was not worth the bling – I can run any day I choose in conditions that are more favourable.  Regret? not at all.  And that is a new thing, once upon a time I would have been quite cheesed off with myself.  Now able to let these things pass me by.

February saw me entering into the world of Yoga.  Why not! the classes are included in my Gym membership and what better way to use my body and strengthen/supple it up.  My arm was a bit hesitant and painful to support me in Downward Dog, but knowing the bone is mended allowed me to bear the pain and use Yoga as part of the rehab.

February totals:

Running : 102km

Swimming : 11.5km

Rehab January 2017

Happy New Year.

01/01/17 off we go, it is Sunday and therefore RUNDAY.  5k all by myself and the legs and lungs still engaged.  Elbow was fine (when I first tried to run in November the pounding of my footfall was resonating into the bone – not pleasant, stop), the only thing I had to do was ‘shake the arms down’ more often than usual otherwise elbow was ceasing into 90 degree angle.h

Visits to the gym 3-4 times a week focus now on swimming.  The upstairs equipment, as expected, is boring.  I think I managed about 6 equipment visits before brain-rot set in.  However I really should look into classes now arm is getting a bit better.

08/01/17 lets run again, this time 10k.  Yup – still got it.

Swimming, by contrast, is interesting.  I am amazed at how I have improved my distance over a relatively short time.  Going up in increments of 10 laps (250m) every week or so I’m now at 1000m comfortably.  Using goggles and remembering techniques my friend Jacqueline told me about has improved my breast-stroke ability

19/01/17 ‘how many lenghts in a mile’ I asked the lifeguard as I was on  #58.  The pool was quiet and I was enjoying myself. “You need to do 64 and a tiny bit more” (1 mile being 1603m).  Nailed it in 46 minutes.  I don’t think I’ve ever swam a mile before.  Oddly I could have gone further.

The end of January arrived and reflecting on my achievements I must say I am pleased with myself.  Running has featured quite nicely over the latter half of the month and I’m not feeling too wibbly about the 10k in February.  What I do know is, right now, I am not ready for the Brighton Marathon on 9 April.  I can defer my place to next year and will make that decision after the Welwyn Half in March.  Slightly disappointing but at the same time I can have other challenges to work towards.

Rehab December 2016

This month includes walking, gym, swimming and PHYSIO (in bold because it hurt) and a little run.

I’d been to see the Orthopaedic team at Fracture clinic in November and they said I could swim ‘gently’.  I’m not a great swimmer so that was fine.  Gentle is good. The prescription for my arm is to ‘move it using the opposite hand and don’t do anything too strenuous’.

Doing something physical on average 4 times a week was keeping me mentally and physically stimulated in terms of fitness.  I had also regained my ability to type so could, once again, do some of my Uni work. Speaking of work, thankfully I had not started my new job so under no pressure to get back to work.  Time to heal is important.

Walking, although nice, was also time consuming to get the mileage into my legs.  Discovered a ‘curve’ treadmill at the Gym which is great for keeping the endurance.  Plus a few weight machines and some core strengthening exercises to keep me ticking over.  By now my left arm is like a twiglet, all stringy and lacking in muscle.  The right arm has made up for the weakness.

Investing in Chiropractic and massage sessions paid dividends.

Physio on the other hand was 10 shades of hell.  Yes it is necessary but my mollycoddled arm was now subject to being moved.  And it protested.  I’d been trying to improve the range of movement (ROM) but muscle spasms were prohibiting these attempts.  Acupuncture and resistance are the way forward.

Swimming has improved too, now up to 750m 🙂

And to end the year OH took me out on a 5k trot.  Not fast or anything but so bloody good to be back in my running gear.

Rehab – November 2016

Breaking ones arm throws the whole body out of kilter.  Took 24 hours for the nerve block to wear off and when it did I felt like someone was smacking my elbow with a metal pole.  It feckin’ hurt.  Managed to just about keep on top of the pain with well timed OTC meds on a schedule suggested by one of my friends, who happens to be an A&E consultant.

As the days went by my legs told me they were bored, I was like a caged tiger.  Struggling to do most things I praised myself for being able to tie shoe laces which spelled freedom.  Off I went.  I spent many an hour walking my normal run routes.  Took twice as long to achieve the same distance but it was lovely to be outside again.

Running was off the menu as I felt like ‘old lady on ice’, it was slippery underfoot due to fallen leaves and rain.  At the age of 51 I have not yet slipped over on wet leaves, but the mind seems to put you into a position of being vulnerable and self preservation.  I needed more than walking.

I found a gym, had walked up to view a couple which had swimming pools.  Bit the bullet and joined David Lloyd in Stevenage.  Not the cheapest or the closest but the atmosphere felt good.

Add gym equipment and swim to the fit-list.

I’d had 2 events scheduled for November, Stevenage HM and Hatfield 5.  Thankfully I was able to transfer both places to friends of mine.  I went along to cheer – nice to be ‘on that side’ for once and give a bit back.

Let fixing begin

Wednesday 2 November saw me on the road to recovery.  Got a call from the Day Surgery Manager to say they were on Red and had cancelled all their surgery requiring overnight admission, very unfortunate for some people but I was overjoyed as this meant I could finally get my elbow fixed as a day-case.

My daughter took me to the hospital and stayed as long as she could, in fact until I was walked off to the theatre.  Being a nurse/midwife, these places are familiar so undeterred I had a really nice chat to the anaesthetist as he was putting the nerve block in.  That was surreal to feel my arm ‘disappearing’ from all sensory and motor control of my brain – almost like having someone else’s arm.  I asked if they’d do the surgery without a GA, no, sorry.  But I did get another request fulfilled – “please can you infuse the Diprivan slowly” -why? asked the anaesthetist, does it hurt your veins? (which is a good question because I can actually feel stuff raging around in my veins) but today that was not the reason.  “No, I’d like it slow because you get such a good feeling when going under”  and by the time I had counted to 8 I was out.

I woke feeling pretty groggy with someone else’s arm in a sling next to me.  Oh, no, its mine.

Fell at the first hurdle – literally

All the good intentions to run Brighton were kind-of scuppered by the 30 October.  Went out with friends for a bike ride, I only have a mountain bike but it works equally well on the roads and that is what we did.  Not far or fast but a really enjoyable ride out on a foggy Autumnal morning.

Heading for a well earned brunch and disaster struck.  As I was jumping my bike up the kerb, my pedal caught the paving stone and I was spat unceremoniously onto the floor. Landed heavily on my left elbow and at the same time banged my ribs.  Thankfully I had a helmet on so any nasty head injury was avoided.  After what seemed like forever (maybe half an hour) sitting on the cold floor trying to get my breath back (I’d winded myself quite badly) and refusing an ambulance I got up.  My arm felt a bit peculiar.  Insisting we went home before even contemplating A&E, one of my fellow cyclists called his wife to ferry me, OH and our 2 bikes home.

Took my expensive-with-holes-in clobber off and revealed a grazed knee and a slightly deformed elbow.  Hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to A&E we go.

I was seen fairly quickly and there was no doubt that I’d done something unpleasant to myself – this was soon confirmed by an x-ray.  Even a non-medic can identify the fractured bit.  Sent home with a sling and ‘await a call for surgery’.

The Road to Brighton 

I must be insane.

While waiting for the VMLM 2017 ballot I registered my interest for the final release of Brighton Marathon places.

I didn’t get into London. I got the much wanted t-shirt. Felt a little bit disappointed but also a tiny bit of relief.

Nonetheless, when the email came inviting me to register for Brighton I decided to bite the bullet and sign up. Admittedly it took me some pondering whether to hit ‘Pay Now’ as the entry fee is quite steep. But after some gentle persuasion by my fellow running friends I did it.

9 April 2017 here we go!

This time I also need to sort accommodation out as it is quite a way from home with a 9.30am start.

Let the training begin.