1 November 2015 – Stevenage Half Marathon

My 4th HM of the year – not bad considering I was only going to run one.

Started at Ridlins sports ground and ran along the cycletracks around Stevenage. 2 loops, the second being slightly longer to incorporate the top lake and out onto the roads before heading back into Fairlands.

I really don’t like the ‘down and up’ of the cycle ways as they pitch under the roads.  Thankfully some of the HM route was along my usual training grounds so knew how to focus on certain objects (mainly big strong trees) to get me up those hills.

Finished with half a lap of the springy sports track and into a super crowd of cheering supporters.

Got a medal and tshirt.

Chip time 1.48.43. Overall194/514. Female 21/146. Category FV45 6/34


27 September 2015 – Ealing half Marathon

Oh look – another Half Marathon! Derek had convinced me to run this with him but sadly he got an injury so was not able to participate.

On 26 September we went to watch the Rocky Horror Picture show so this HM was run on fatigue and gin.  We had stayed in a hotel in Ealing and were within walking distance of the start, which was a really good thing.

The roads around Ealing were closed for this event so there was no worry about getting squished.  The route was around the houses and there was one hill which went by unnoticed (must be getting fitter).

The locals were out in force, cheering us along. Churches had got trestle tables with refreshments, there were choirs and bands playing music along the way.  I ran alone, I sent Mike text messages as I ran – they must have been gibberish as I was running and had no glasses on.

I got to the finish and saw both Mike and Erin cheering me in – such a lovely feeling.

Got my tshirt, a medal and a banana 🙂

Gun time: 1.50.46  Chip time: 1.46.40. Overall 1456/4682. Female: 182/1735. Category 15/195